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LGG-1 "Li-Poly Gas Gauge"
Battery Monitor



The LGG-1 is a battery monitoring device that indicates the present charge level in a battery pack.  It displays the battery pack's
charge condition using 3 LEDs that flash four easy to see and understand messages: Good, Low, Caution, Damage. 
It does this by continuously sampling the battery voltage and averaging the data so that the true condition of the pack is displayed.
Uses state of the art microcomputer and advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology.

Great for both helicopters and airplanes !

Cell Voltage Above 3.5 3.5         3.2 3.0              Below  3.0  
2S Pack Voltage Above 7.0 7.0 6.4 6.0              Below  6.0  
3S Pack Voltage Above 10.5 10.5 9.6 9.0              Below  9.0  


  • Works for both 2S and 3S Li-poly batteries
  • Auto-detects pack type on power-up
  • Highly visible with super bright LEDs
  • Easy to use
  • DSP technology
  • Weighs less than 3 grams
  • Provides peace of mind and assurance


The LGG-1 is designed to operate with 2S and 3S Li-poly batteries only.   It connects to the flight battery on the ESC
side of the connector.  This is done by soldering the positive (red) and negative (black) wires to the same connector used by the ESC.


The LGG-1 should be mounted on the side of the model with double sided tape or a tywrap where it can be easily seen when doing a flyby.




During power up the LGG-1 determines the type of flight battery automatically.  It reads the packs voltage and if it is above 8.8 volts
sets the packs type (voltage range) as a 3s pack and if below 8.8 volts, a 2S pack.
The LGG-1 will indicate the choice it made by flashing all 3 LEDs for a 3S and just 2 LEDs for the 2S during power-up.

You should verify that the pack type is correct each and every time for safety.  A defective or
discharged 3S battery can be detected as a 2S inadvertently.

Using the LGG-1

The LGG-1 requires that you see the LED's for it to be of any value.  This is best done by doing a flyby every so often to check the battery
status.  After some time you will develop a "feel" for the condition of your batteries based on the flight time.  The feedback given by the LGG-1
will confirm your intuition and provide assurance.

Input Voltage Range  5.5 to 13.25 Volts;  Lithium Polymer 2 & 3 Cell Only
Supply current Less than 15 milliamps
Temp Range -20C to +60C
Accuracy +0.07V , -0.03V
Weight Less than 3 grams with power cable
Size 26x15mm








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