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This page has information supporting our Twinn Rexx tandem helicopter.

Last updated on: 2-13-16


Twinn Rexx Development Page

  Twinn Rexx Documents and Drawings etc.  

Twinn Rexx Assembly Manual (1150 K) Download Twinn Rexx Assembly Manual  
Twinn Rexx Assembly Manual Figures (11,660 K) - Hi-Res for zoom up (online) Download Twinn Rexx Assembly Manual Figures  
Twinn Rexx Rear E-link Drawing (6 K) Download Twinn Rexx Rear E-link Drawing  
Twinn Rexx Recommended Parts (1 K) Download Twinn Rexx Recommended Parts  
Twinn Rexx Base Kit Parts List (33 K) Download Twinn Rexx Base Kit Parts List  
Twinn Rexx Wiring Diagram (325 K) Download Twinn Rexx Wiring Diagram  
TRex 450 SE Manual (4915 K)  -  For rotor heads and links build info Download TRex 450 SE Manual  
Twinn Rexx RC-Heli Magazine Review  Twinn Rexx RC-Heli Review  
Twinn Rexx Parts 1 - Bearing Blocks    NEW Twinn Rexx Parts 1  
Twinn Rexx Parts 2 - Main Frame    NEW Twinn Rexx Parts 2  
Twinn Rexx Parts 3 - LG, Miter Gear, DS, MS    NEW Twinn Rexx Parts 3  
Twinn Rexx Parts 4 - Driveshaft, Sleeves    NEW Twinn Rexx Parts 4  
Twinn Rexx Parts 5 - FR4 Frame Parts    NEW Twinn Rexx Parts 5  
Twinn Rexx Parts 6 - Motor Mount    NEW Twinn Rexx Parts 6  

  CH47 Body Documents etc.  


CH47 Body Instructions (3775 K) Download CH47 Body Instructions  
CH47 Body Supports Template (5 K) Download CH47 Body Supports Template  
CH47 Windows Templates (6 K)  Download CH47 Windows Templates  
CH47 Engines Instructions (18 K)  Download CH47_Engines_Instructions  
CH47 Engines Drawing (14 K)  Download CH47_Engines_Drawing  

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  Miscellaneous information  

TH-2 constants file for the Twinn Rexx  (1 K)  Download TH2 Constants  







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